Bulletin 297 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Straight from Curitiba – 12/13/2018 – 251st day of resistance – 20h40


  1. The Lava Jato investigation specialized in committing abuse against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, using arguments that would not be accepted in any other case or in any other democratic country. This is how they managed to condemn Lula without evidence in the case of the triplex apartment, and this strategy is being repeated with Atibaia ranch in a process in which rumors have turned into criminal charges. The property which is the focus of the case has already been proven to be owned by other people –  the Bittar family – who have been friends with former president Lula’s family for years. The following 6 points prove how the case of the ranch is being used to  practice lawfare: http://www.pt.org.br/6-pontos-que-desmascaram-a-farsa-do-processo-do-sitio-contra-lula/


  1. Former President Lula received visits from Luiz Henrique da Silva, president of the National Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials, and Raduan Nassar, winner of the Camões Literature Prize today on this Thursday, December 13 . They were accompanied by Fernando Haddad and, after the visit, participated in a Christmas season celebration at the Lula Livre Vigil. http://www.pt.org.br/lula-recebe-visita-de-raduan-nassar-e-lider-de-catadores-de-reciclaveis/


  1. Lula sent a Christmas letter to the Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials today, on Thursday (13). Lula made a point of thanking the professionals for their work and remembered the moments they had together before, during and after his governments. Read more here: http://www.pt.org.br/leia-a-carta-de-lula-aos-catadores-de-materiais-reciclaveis/


  1. Rosane Santos, a member of the National Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials (MNCR), coordinated today’s good afternoon shout to former president Lula in the Lula Livre Vigil, accompanied by more than 100 scavengers from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. They came to Curitiba to accompany the visit of the president of the MNCR, Luiz Henrique Silva, to former President Lula. Before shouting their greetings to Lula, the activists sang happy birthday to three activists: Luzia Morais, from Salvador; Teresa Oliveira, from São Paulo and Eliane Schimidt, from Florianópolis.


  1. The French sociologist Eric Fassin, a professor at the Paris VIII University and a supporter of the Lula Livre Committee in France, visited PT Congressional leader Paulo Pimenta (PT-RS), and the Congressman Wadih Damous (PT-RJ), who is also one of Lula’s defense lawyers, today. They spoke about the political conjuncture in Brazil, in France and in the world in general, highlighting the wave of extreme conservatism that has advanced electorally in several countries.


  1. This afternoon the activists in the Lula Livre Vigil watched the film Catadores de Histórias, by Tânia Quaresma. The documentary, awarded at the Brasilia Festival, shows the work of recyclable materials collectors who make their living in the largest dump in Latin America, in Brasilia.


Bulletin 297 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Straight from Curitiba – 12/13/2018 – 251st day of resistance – 20h40

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