Bulletin 147 – People’s Committee in Defence of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil – 7/15/2018 – 10:45 PM


  1. This Sunday, July 15th, marks 100 days of political imprisonment for Lula da Silva in the Federal Police headquarters building in Curitiba. The Workers’ Party, the legal community and organizations that defend the rule of law have denounced the political nature of Lula’s imprisonment to Brazil and the world. They have revealed all of the measures of exception that were taken during his trial. They have shown all the bias of his inquisitor, judge Sergio Moro, who does not even care about hiding his party preferences and his wish to be a crusader by fighting Lula, the PT and everything they represent. It has also been 100 days of vigilence and resistance. During this time, Curitiba received visits from national and international political leaders and artists from Brazil and abroad, thousands of activists and one Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Read more here:

100 dias de Vigília escancaram prisão política de Lula


  1. The #LulaLivre Vigil in Curitiba has the same age as the crime-less, evidence-free imprisonment of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who leads all voter intention polls for this year’s presidential election: 100 days. During this period it rained, the sun came out, it was hot and now it’s cold, but the activists who have come from all over the country have stayed put in the capital of resistance. For 100 days the activists have resisted against legal eviction orders, rubber bullets and tear gas and a federal police officer who destroyed their sound equipment. Read more:  http://www.pt.org.br/vigilia-lula-livre-nem-mesmo-o-inverno-pode-deter-a-primavera/


  1. Lula says, “you can’t imprison an idea”. One hundred days after they locked up the idea of a better Brazil in a dungeon in Curitiba, Lula’s untouchable leadership in the polls shows the clear message of the majority of the Brazilian people, who trust the ex-President as the only leader capable of rebuilding a country that was razed by a coup. One hundred days after his political imprisonment, and barred from giving interviews such as those the other pre-candidates are doing, today Lula watches his ideas running free, outside of the cell where he is held. Read more here: https://lula.com.br/100-dias-de-lula-na-prisao-resistencia-de-um-homen-que-so-consegue-pensar-o-brasil


  1. “Lula will return to be president of this country.” This is the message from the National President of PT, Senator Glesi Hoffmann (Paraná) on this, 100th day of Lula’s political imprisonment. In a video recorded in Cuba, where she is participating in the Fórum de São Paulo, Gleisi reaffirms Lula’s innocence and his candidacy for the presidency. “What is the proof, what crime did Lula commit to be imprisoned? We are not giving up on Lula because we will not give up on Brazil and the Brazilian people,” she says. Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/lula/videos/1798233040245688/


  1. The 100 days of democratic resistance in the #LulaLivre Vigil were commemorated with a political demonstration, which featured the participation of Congresswoman Luizianne Lins (PT-Ceará), São Paulo City Councilman Eduardo Suplicy (PT), and PT Communications Secretary Carlos Àrabe. “What is important is that we resist and continue resisting,” said Luizianne, in the name of the PT Congressional Bloc. Suplicy spoke of his regret of Lula’s condition as political prisoner and affirmed that judge Sergio Moro did not present any proof against the ex-President. “What happened was that Lula gave a voice to the people,” he said. Carlos Àrabe said, “freedom for Lula is Freedom for the Brazilian people.” See more here: http://www.pt.org.br/ato-com-lideranças-do-pt-marca-100-dias-de-vigilia-lula-livre/


  1. In another commemoration of the 100 days of democratic resistance in Curitiba, the activists finished a work called “hands that made the Vigil”, in which they stamped all of their hands on a banner. Comrade Veronice da Gama, from São Paulo, led the “good afternoon” yell to Lula. This is the third time that she has visited the vigil. “The people’s resistance is impressive, as is how important Lula is for all of us,” she said.


  1. In an new article, philosopher Marcos Francisco Martins, who is a professor and coordinator of the Universidade Federal de São Carlos masters program, says that Lula’s condemnation and his imprisonment is an attack on the democratic rule of law which violates fundamental human rights and is an affront on any idea that incarnates anything that is democratic and popular. “However, even though Lula is imprisoned he has still manged to produce new knowledge,” he says. He highlights the following examples: the Justice system is not neutral; the press is biased; a Coup took place and the people know it; the coup regrouped social movements and left political parties; and that Brazil is not isolated from what happens abroad. Read more here:  http://www.pt.org.br/vigilia-lula-livre-nem-mesmo-o-inverno-pode-deter-a-primavera/


Bulletin 147 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil – 7/15/2018 – 10:45 PM



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