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Bulletin 191 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Bulletin 191 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil – 8/28/2018 – 7:10 PM


  1. Fernando Haddad, who is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s Vice Presidential running mate, reiterated today that Brazil is legally obligated to respect the ruling of the UN Human Rights Committee and guarantee that Lula is allowed to run for president. As Lula’s spokesman he also argued that political stability can only return to the country through free and fair elections. Read more here: https://lula.com.br/brasil-precisa-atender-a-determinacao-da-onu-e-garantir-candidatura-de-lula-diz-haddad-em-coletiva-no-rj/


  1. In an article, the legal scholars Joelson Dias, who is an ex-substitute Minister of the Supreme Electoral Court and Member of the Brazilian National Lawyers Guild (OAB) International Relations Council, and Ana Luísa Cellular Junqueira, Master in Human Rights from Universidade de Minho, warn of the danger of Brazil failing to comply with international agreements, in reference to the treaty which obliges Brazil to comply with the ruling by the UN Committee in defense of Lula’s right to run for office. Read more here: http://www.pt.org.br/juristas-explicam-perigos-de-nao-se-cumprir-acordos-da-onu/


  1. Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim, in an article published in the Financial Times, defended the legacy of ex-President Lula and harshly criticized ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB) for, in the same newspaper, “bitterly” treating Lula’s struggle to prove his innocence, as well as denying that there was a parliamentary coup in 2016. “A great number of legal scholars, statesmen and intellectuals around the world have defended that freedom for Lula and his right to run for President are essential for the consolidation of democracy in Brazil,” said Amorim. Read the whole text here: http://www.pt.org.br/celso-amorim-lula-e-de-longe-o-candidato-preferido-do-brasil/


  1. It is not only the Northeast of Brazil that guarantees a large lead for ex-President Lula in the voter intention polls for this year’s elections. A detailed study on the first round of this year’s elections by IBOPE polling agency shows that Lula would beat his opponents in the first round in 23 of Brazil’s 27 states (including the Capital District), with four of them putting him in a statistical tie with the second place candidate. In all, according to IBOPE and the Datafolha Minas polling agencies, if the elections were held today Lula would get around 54 million votes, which would be the largest number of votes received by a presidential candidate in the first round of the elections since the re-democratization of the country. Read more here: http://www.pt.org.br/54-milhoes-querem-lula-presidente-marca-historica-do-1o-turno/


  1. The activities at the #LulaLivre vigil began with the “good morning” shout to Lula, followed by a conversation circle facilitated by eco-political activist Aguiar do Araguaia. During the conversation with the activists in the Vigil, he denounced the destruction of the Araguaia River for artificial irrigation used to cultivate immense GMO soy plantations. He also denounced the destruction of the Tocantins river caused by the Estreito hydroelectric plant in Maranhão. Afterwords, Aguiar led the “good afternoon” shout to ex-President Lula.


  1. Later in the afternoon at the Vigil, Federal Congresswoman Luizianne Lins (PT-Ceará) coordinated a conversation circle about the effects of the parliamentary, mediatic and judicial coup of 2016 on the lives of Brazilian women. She recalled that the seeds of the current government’s abuses started with the gender related hate speech against Dilma Rousseff, which naturalized attacks against women and has now arrived to the point in which there are only men occupying all of the top level federal cabinet posts.


Bulletin 191 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil – 8/28/2018 – 7:10 PM


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