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PT Congressional Bloc Repudiates Budget Cuts and Demands Immediate Resignation of Pedro Parente

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In an official note released on Thursday (May 31), the PT Congressional Bloc “repudiates Michel Temer’s coup government’s proposed anti-national, anti-people and pro-market budgetary cuts and denounces them to Brazilian society.”

The letter, signed by leader Paulo Pimenta (PT-Rio Grande do Sul), demands the immediate firing of Petrobras President Pedro Parente and classifies the cuts to the health, education, public security and other areas that are vital for the reduction of social inequality as a “crime of treason”.

Read the complete note here:

Official Note from the PT Bloc in Congress

The Workers’ Party Congressional Bloc repudiates Michel Temer and his coup government’s proposed anti-national, anti-people and pro-market budgetary cuts, and denounces them to Brazilian society

Under the pretext of containing the impact of the already disastrous measures to solve the fuel crisis, the illegitimate government is further penalizing the Brazilian population, especially the sector that most needs the State’s public services to guarantee their constitutionally established rights.

Removing funding from health, education, public security, agrarian reform, policies for women and youth, and other vital areas for lowering social inequality is a crime of treason. This crime is even more grave due to the constitutional amendment that freezes social spending in the Nation for 20 years and the ratification of counter-reforms to labor law that virtually destroyed the labor code.

The cuts announced by the Executive branch of government confirm what we have been saying since the coup against President Dilma Rousseff was consolidated: the MDB, PSDB and DEM government and its allies have only one supreme guideline: to guarantee maximum profit for the international financial system and the multinational companies that, since 2016 have been exploiting our wealth to the detriment of the interests of Brazilian society.

It is not permissible that the statute of a State Company like Petrobras can suffer the whims of Pedro Parente, an explicit representative of the parasitic foreign capital that drains our wealth and patrimony and is prevailing over the needs of 200 million Brazilians.

We will take all measures possible to block the implementation of these criminal measures that will further dilapidate our economy. We reaffirm that any effective solution to the crisis underway must, necessarily, start with the firing of Pedro Parente from the position of President of Petrobras, and for the revocation of the irresponsible pricing policies of his tenure.

Brasilia, May 31, 2018

Congressman Paulo Pimenta (PT-Rio Grande do Sul)

Workers’ Party Leader in Congress

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