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Bulletin 71 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Curitiba, Paraná,Brazil – 5/10/2018 – 10:15 PM

1. The PT’s National Financial and Planning Secretary Emídio de Souza, and the Lula Institute President, Paulo Okamotto, visited ex-President Lula at the Curitiba Federal Police headquarters on this Thursday, May 10. Lula gave a message through them to the Vigil: he is going to give a hug to each one of them when he gets out. “Instead of remaining prostrate without a reaction, Lula wants to show the country and the World that his innocence is being transformed, more and more, into energy,” said Emidio.

2. Lula sent a letter to the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB). In the message he said he remembered that when he started to plan his caravans through Brazil, the MAB visited him and helped with information and proposals. He wrote, “starting from that moment, we were more and more united to fight for a more just and sovereign Brazil”. The letter can be read at the following site:

3. Clara Ant and Márcia Lopes, from the Lula Institute, participated in the “Network of Democracy”, transmitted by the Democracy House in Curitiba. According to them, the Lava Jato prosecutors are trying to suffocate the Lula Institute through an arbitrary freezing of its assets and the criminalization of its activities. Despite the arbitrary actions and the Lava Jato persecution, both guarantee that the institute will continue functioning as a “Public policy observatory at the service of Brazil.”

4. Renato Simões, the Program Coordinator for the Lula government, Roberto Baggio, from the national directorate of the MST, Jessy Daiane, the National Students Union coordinator and Marcia Lopes, the Ex-Minister of the Secretary of Social Development and Combating Hunger, participated in the debate, “the reduction of inequalities in the construction of the Brazilian nation”. It was the second of five encounters being held to discuss Lula’s Government Plan. The theme today was the reduction of social inequality and fighting poverty, actions that transformed the PT governments into an international reference on the issues.

5. Today, parliamentarians from the Algerian Workers Party, including parliamentary leader Djelloul Djoudi and Youssef Ramdane Tazibt, gave a show of solidarity for Lula and the PT. According to the Algerian parliamentarians, Judge Sergio Moro has become notorious for his hatred of Lula and the PT. They noted the fact that the Judge, who covers himself in a veil of morality, receives a salary above the legal limit established by the Brazilian Constitution, in flagrant disrespect of the law.

Bulletin 71 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba – 5/10/2018 – 10:15 PM

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