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Bulletin 61 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil – 5/3/2018 – 12:30 PM
1. This morning in Curitiba, actress Lucélia Santos led the “Good Morning President Lula” yell at the #LulaLivre Democratic Vigil camp. Lucélia walked through the Marisa Leticia campground and spoke with the people who are there in the resistance, seeing the rough conditions that they are confronting to maintain the fight for democracy and for justice for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. “I want to say that I join my voice with yours and this is exactly what the people have to do: the artists who are on the side of this struggle have to come here and give you support,” she said.
2. Today at 4 PM there will be a debate in the camp about Lula’s plan for governance. There will be representatives from the Frente Brasil Popular at the table to discuss the theme, “emergency measures for overcoming the crisis and generating employment.”
3. Before the debate there will be another edition of the program Democracy Network, at the Casa da Democracia, in the area around the #LulaLivre camp in Curitiba. You can accompany the program on the social media networks of the social movements and collectives that are participating in the resistance movement in Curitiba.
4. There will also be several cultural activities at the camp today, May 3. At 2 PM, Anderson e Chego will perform their MBP concert, “Worshow, Music tells a Story”. At 2:40 PM there will be a show called, “Tarde das Pretas”. At 4 PM there will be a miniature theater show called “Emiliano”, with Dico Ferreira. At 5 PM, Elan Woidello (Terra do Quase) will perform, and at 6 PM, a Brazilian pop music show will take place with Itaeircio and Matheus Braga. At 7 PM, the Cinema for Democracy Movie Festival will continue with a public showing of the film “Escolas de Luta” on Praça Santos Andrade, which has been renamed “Democracy Square”.
5. The camp coordinators estimate that 300 more people will arrive today, May 3, to join the Democratic Vigil. Bus caravans are arriving from Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Bahia and the Federal District of Brasilia, as well as from the Parana countryside.
6. The “Good Night President Lula” yell is scheduled for 7 PM and will be led by the PT National President, Senator Gleisi Hoffman.
*Bulletin 61 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy*
Curitiba – 5/3/2018 – 12:30 PM
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