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Bulletin 60 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Curitiba,Paraná, Brazil – 5/2/2018 – 8:15 PM

1. The Red TromPetista is in Paraná. After becoming famous for playing the historic song, “Olé Olé Olé Olá, Lula Lula” during a live broadcast on TV Globo, the Red TromPetista came to Curitiba on May 1st to put his talents to the service of the fight for freedom for Lula. On Wednesday, May 2, the trumpeter played the most famous hymn of the struggle of the Brazilian people in front of the Federal Court building and the Federal Public Prosecutors Office, for Sergio Moro and Delton Dallagnol. You can see the videos here:



2. Indigenous people from the Kaingang tribe united with the activists in the #LulaLivre camp today. Their adhesion to the movement happened during a ceremony in which the indigenous people sang traditional songs. During the Lula Caravan trip through southern Brazil in March, the Kaingang people performed an homage to the ex-President in São Miguel das Missões in Rio Grande do Sul.

3. After the huge May Day protest, with approximately 50,000 people demanding freedom for Lula on the Praça do Democracia, the Democratic Vigil camp in Curitiba continued with its daily schedule of political and cultural activities.

4. The mobilization in defense of Lula continues stronger than ever and in the Marisa Leticia camp alone, nearly 2000 meals were served on Wednesday morning. Today, May 2, bus caravans from Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul arrived in Curitiba to join their comrades from states like Pernambuco and Santa Catarina who will stay in the camp until May 6th.

5. During the day today there was a poetry recital at the camp with the actor Orã Figueiredo and a poetic intervention by Cristiana de Sales. During the afternoon there were presentations by Teo and Estrela Ruiz, Pachamamas, Dico Ferreira with “Emiliano, Theater in Miniature” and the Partigianos Group. During the evening there was another session of the Cinema for Democracy Festival in downtown Curitiba.

6. The Letter from Lula to the Brazilian People, released yesterday, is having repercussions around the World and is animating the fight for justice and democracy. It can be read at the following link:


Bulletin 60 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba – 5/2/2018 – 8:15 PM

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