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Bulletin 41 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Bulletin 41 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy


Curitiba,Parana, Brazil – 4/22/2018 – 5:30 PM



  1. “Who is innocent doesn’t run, but confronts. I am innocent and don’t know if my accusers are.” In a message that was released today, recorded in the ABC Metallurgical Workers Union before he decided to obey Sergio Moro’s arrest order, Lula said he was not afraid of the accusations and will prove that they are lying about him. He also asked the Brazilian people to show a great will to fight. And it is this will to struggle that the ex-President can here in his cell in the Federal Police headquarters every day, straight from the Free Lula Vigil in Curitiba!



  1. 4 Lula’s to 0! After the game between Corinthians and Paraná Clube in Vila Capanema, in Curitiba, during which the ex-President’s favorite team, Corinthians, won 4-0, fans from various football teams came to visit the #LulaLivre camp. Fans from both teams united with fans from Atletico Paranaense, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Santos and others to celebrate peace in football and position themselves in support of Lula’s innocence and freedom.



  1. This morning, the “good morning Lula” yell was led by Congressman Pedro Uczai (PT-Santa Catarina) and by people who have arrived by convoy from across Brazil to join the fight in defense of freedom for the ex-President. People from São Paulo, Tocantins, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco and Ceará made their presence heard during the yell, made as always with happiness and power to guarantee that it reached Lula’s ears in the Federal Police superintendent’s building. Ex-Big Brother star and lawyer, Mamão, also circulated through the camp this morning.



  1. Many Curitiban families are taking advantage of a sunny Sunday to visit the Olga Benário Democratic Corner. In addition to the regular cultural activities, children were invited to participate in a Mosaic workshop that took place in late morning.



  1. “I know what you did for us!” “Lula come back! This is no good!”, “Lula come stay with us!” A package of letters from children delivered by a Curitiba public school teacher moved the volunteers collecting letters at the camp today. Every day they receive hundreds of letters for the ex-president.



  1. In Piaui, the #CarnavalLulaLivre is welcomed and accompanied by the population wherever it passes. The traveling protest has already visited dozens of towns including Angical,which was visited today. People came in from the countryside to mix with students, mayors, city councilmen and women of various political parties, to participate in the events that give recognition to the benefits that ex-President Lula brought to the state.



  1. An act in defense of education and Democracy was held today in the Free Lula camp, by the PT’s Commission of Educational Affairs. Congressmen Marco Maia (PT-Rio Grande do Sul), Celso Pansera (PT-Rio de Janeiro), and Paulo Texeira (PT-São Paulo) are scheduled to arrive shortly to join the “good night Lula” yell.



Bulletin 41 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy


Curitiba – 4/22/2018 – 5:30 PM

Foto: Ricardo Stuckert


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