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Bulletin 30 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Curitiba, Parana, Brazil 4/17/2018


  1. The visit by the Senate Human Rights Commission to ex-President Lula, on this Tuesday afternoon (4/17), reinforced the perception that he is a political prisoner. According to Senator Fatima Bezerra (PT-Rio Grande do Norte), Lula is well, serene and tranquil, but also deeply angry with the injustice against him. According to Fatima, Lula has been using this period to read a lot. One of the books the ex-President is reading is “Elite do atraso”, by Jesse Souza. “There is a strong sense of indignation at this brutal injustice, but he is OK and is motivating us to hold protests, vigils and all forms of struggle,” said the Senator.


  1. The rapporteur for the visit, Senator João Capiberibe (PSB-Amapa) said that the conditions of Lula’s cell are adequate, but that the ex-President’s isolation confirms his condition of political prisoner. “The delegation is worried about this isolation. Lula is a political prisoner who has over 30% support in the election polls, and this is an extremely rare situation in the history of our country. Lula says that the weapon he has is his innocence and that he will prove it,” he said.


  1. Today protests occurred, are occurring or will take place in cities across Brazil in defense of Lula and Democracy, including: Aracaju, Belém, Belo Horizonte, Campina Grande, Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Maceio, Porto Alegre, Teresina and São Paulo.


  1. In Brasilia, this Tuesday afternoon, April 17, Deputy Natalia Sanchez, from the Catalan Parliament, participated in a protest in front of the Federal Supreme Court, together with congressmen and women from PT, against Lula’s political imprisonment.


  1. On Wednesday, April 18, the Broad Front in Defense of Democracy will be launched in Brasilia. It will include various left political parties including PT, PC do B, PDT, PSOL, PSB and PCB. The front will be officially launched at 11 AM in the Congress’ Nobre Hall and the event will be broadcast live.


Bulletin 30 – People’s Committee for the Defense of Lula and Democracy


Curitiba, 4/17/2018

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