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Note from the Lula Livre Camp

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With Firmness and Dignity


The weekend at the Lula Livre camp has been passing peacefully, in the manner that the organizations present anticipated, without any risk of a forced eviction. We received no official notice of the fine against the camp and continue having ongoing negotiations with the authorities.


We are maintaining our cultural and political activities and continue to receive solidarity from the population. The stocking of food and hygiene supplies is guaranteeing the circulation of around 2000 people in the camp.


The location is becoming a political and cultural center- very different from the that we are being described by one or another “newscaster” in the media.


The people at the camp, activists, visitors and professional journalists who are actually following it, know that there is a diversity here, beyond any kind of individualism.


The camp has been running for over a week, and the dedication of the people towards defending democracy, freedom and the right for Lula to run for office is clear.


Curitiba, April 15, 2018


Lula Livre Camp

Foto: Ricardo Stuckert

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