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 Bulletin 22 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

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Curitiba, Paraná,Brazil 4/14/2018 9 PM

1. Regarding the attempt to impose a daily fine of R$500,000 on the Democratic Vigil camp, the national president of PT, Senator Gleisi Hoffman, said that the party is taking all of the legal measures possible to quickly revert this absurd and irregular decision by the judiciary.

2. Neighbors and residents of Curitiba who are using their Saturday to visit the #LulaLivre camp in Curitiba have been praising the cleanliness of the space. Every day around 40 volunteers collect an average of 130, 100 liter garbage bags and carefully sweep the area at 7 AM. The campers are also helping the local residents and removing the garbage from their houses. On this Thursday and Friday, with the increase in people visiting the camp, 40 people from the National Housing Struggle social movement joined in to help. Furthermore, sanitation trucks are cleaning and disinfecting the portable toilets daily.

3. During today’s political protest in Curitiba, Olivia Dutra, the ex-Governor of Rio Grande do Sul and ex-Mayor of Porto Alegre denounced the assassination of Marielle Franco and said that the people’s movement in defense of Lula represents, above all, resistance in defense of the State of Rights and the right to Justice. “There is no proof against Lula and this is why he is a political prisoner,” said, Galo Missioneiro, who has been friends with Lula since the Union struggle of the 1970s.

4. Today, April 14, the Estado de São Paulo newspaper published the results of a new survey by Instituto Ipsos which shows the unequivocal perception of society on the persecution of Lula promoted by the Lava Jato investigation. According to the data released by Ipsos, 73% of the Brazilian population agrees with the statement that “the powerful want to remove Lula from the election”. Furthermore, 55% of society agreed with the statement that “The Lava Jato investigation is politically persecuting Lula”. The struggle against injustice and against the manipulation of the State by sectors that control the Lava Jato investigation is what legitimizes our camp in front of the Federal Police building in Curitiba.

5. Lula is of Brazil! In one of the police posts which are on the corners of the #LulaLivre camp in Curitiba, the police officers passed the afternoon talking about the ex-President’s legacy. One of them said that he was able to purchase a house due to Lula’s Minha Casa Minha Vida program.

6. In Fortaleza, on the Federal Justice square, the #LulaLivre camp now has approximately 1500 comrades camping out from various towns in Ceará organized through the Frente Brazil Popular and the Povo sem Medo.

7. The Samba da Resistencia and Partigianos bands raised the afternoon spirits with songs of happiness and resistance. Brazilian and Italian rhythms united, warming the cold day in Curitiba.

8. A group of psychoanalysts also participated in the political protest this Saturday and helped demystify the hatred that is dividing Brazilian society today.

Bulletin 22 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba, Paraná,Brazil 4/14/2018 9 PM

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