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Bulletin 21 – People’s Committee in Defence of Lula and Democracy

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People’s Committee in Defence of Lula and Democracy


Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil- 4/14/2018 2:30 PM


The Lula Livre Camp and the Social Movements declare the fine from the Parana State Judiciary as scandalous


It  with great indignation that the PT, CUT and the other social movements received notice that the Parana Judiciary determined to issue a fine of R$500,000/day to the social movements and activists if the Democratic Vigil #LulaLivre camp continues in front of the Federal Police headquarters building in Curitiba.


According to Dr. Rosinha, Parana State President of the PT, “the decision is totally disproportionate and imbalanced. It is a judicial absurdity. It is an attempt to prohibit the free right to protest.”


“President Lula was unjustly imprisoned in a procedure which was biased and full of holes. He’s leading in all of the election polls. This is one more scandal in the embarrassing persecution of Lula, “ said the national president of PT, Gleisi Hoffmann.


CUT labor union federation president Vagner Freitas says , “This is one more anti democratic attitude made by the authoritarian, conservative tendencies which took hold of the country  in 2014 when the people who lost the elections created institutional chaos and a wave of hatred against people who defend human and labor rights. The judiciary is taking advantage of the confusion that the coup caused in Brazil to act politically, trying to interfere in the electoral process and criminalizing the social movements, unions and progressive political parties.”


The World is watching the Brazilian crisis. Le Monde newspaper criticized the national press coverage for not even publishing the iconic photograph by Fransisco Proner of Lula being carried by the people in São Bernardo do Campo.


“The decision is clearly unconstitutional and arbitrary. The PT and CUT are taking all legal measures to guarantee the free right to protest,” said the lawyer and ex-Minister Eugênio Aragão, who is representing the PT and the social movements in the Parana Court system.


Around 800 people continue camped out in front of the Federal Police headquarters in Curitiba.  The bus convoys that have come in from across the country aim to stay at the camp. The camp organization has security, cleaning, food, health and communications volunteers, among others , in a collaborative structure formed by the social movements which are here at the Vigil.


Curitiba, April 14, 2018


People’s Committee in Defence of Lula and Democracy


Bulletin 21, 4/14/2018 – 2:30 PM

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