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Bulletin 11 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy Curitiba – 4/10/2018 – 6:30 PM

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1. The local judiciary prohibited nine governors* and three senators, as well as the PT party leadership from visiting Lula on this Tuesday, April 10. The decision was made by Judge Carolina Maoura Lebbos, but under the instructions of Judge Sergio Moro, to maintain former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in isolation.

2. This prohibition violates the Law of Penal Execution (Law 7.210/1984) and further reinforces Lula’s status as a political prisoner. Article 41 of the law states, “rights of the prisoner include: (…) visits by the spouse, girl or boyfriend, relatives and friends on determined days”.

3. Governor of Maranhão, Flavio Dino (PC do B), ex-Federal Judge and ex-General Secretary of the National Justice Council, exposed the illegality nature of prohibiting the the governors visits to Lula. “Between the rules of incarceration and the Law of Penal Execution, the law prevails. Unfortunately a Judge denied visitation rights by confusing law with ‘privilege”. This is one more regrettable judicial abuse,” he said.

4. Wellington Dias says that, due to the gravity of yet another law that is not being respected, he has sent a letter requesting an audience with Supreme Court Chief Justice Carmen Lucia.

5. The governors left a letter for ex-president Lula and will return to Curitiba to visit him in the near future. The social movements that are participating in the Democratic Vigil #LulaLivre will demand that the ex-president is guaranteed the right to receive visits from the friends and companions in struggle who he has made over the decades.

6. Tonight the TV host Bela Gil is visiting the camp, bringing food as thanks to the activists who are here giving support to Lula as well as the local residents. Many of them have taken people in and offered coffee, showers and electrical power to the activists in support of the movement.

7. Guilerme Boulos will strengthen the shout of good morning to Lula on Wednesday Morning. He will arrive at the camp at 8 AM for the morning assembly.

8. Renowned legal scholars will visit the camp tomorrow morning to discuss the irregularities which have culminated in the imprisonment of ex-president Lula. There will also be a theater presentation by the MST and performances by samba groups.

9. The Parana state president of the PT party, Doutor Rosinha is inviting everyone to visit the area around the Federal Police headquarters to visit the camp, the activists who are staying here and witness the strength of the struggle for Lula’s freedom. She has personally invited the Federal Police Superintendent to come out and walk down the street to see the organization of the social movements with his own eyes.

10. As part of the campaign for Lula’s freedom, the PT Congressmen with support from Congressmen from PSOL, PC do B, PDT and PSB approved obstruction of work in Congress to impede any voting sessions this week.

*Governors who were in Curitiba this Tuesday: Tião Viana (PT) from Acre; Renan Filho (PMDB) from Alagoas; Rui Costa (PT), from Bahia; Camilo Santana (PT) from Ceará; Flávio Dino (PC do B) from Maranhão. Ricardo Coutinho (PSB) from Paraiba; Paulo Camara (PSB) from Pernambuco; Wellington Dias (PT) from Piaui; and Waldez Goés (PDT) from Amapá,

Bulletin 11 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Curitiba – 4/10/2018 – 6:30 PM

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