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Bulletin #1 – Popular Committee in defense of Lula and Democracy

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São Bernardo do Campo – 06/04/2018 – 12 PM


  1. Lula spent the night at the Metal Workers Union Headquarter surrounded by young and old school workers from ABC, cradle of the new trade union movement in the seventies, and where his Worker’s Party was born. The former Brazilian president met hundreds of companions until 3 AM. Outside the building, thousands of people in vigil showed their support to Lula.


  1. At 3 AM, Lula came to a second floor window do wave to the crowd before he went to sleep. At 7 PM, he was already awake and meeting supporters.


  1. Surrounded by friends, companions, political leaders and activists, Lula keeps a serene mood. He’s conscious of his innocence and aware he’s being victimized by an unprecedented judicial persecution based on political bias.


  1. Many artists and intellectuals came by to show their support to Lula. Among them are filmmakers Anna Muylaert (“Que horas ela volta?”), Tata Amaral (“Um Céu de Estrelas”), Laís Bodanzky (“Bicho de Sete Cabeças”, “Como Nossos Pais”) and Petra Costa (“Elena”), singers and songwriters Chico Cesar, Taciana Barros (ex-Gang 90) and rapper Thaíde, actors Ailton Graça and Celso Frateschi. Songwriter Chico Buarque, actor Fábio Assunção and singer Ana Cañas called Lula on the phone to express their sympathy and support.


  1. Also jurists like former minister José Eduardo Cardoso and professor Carol Proner visited Lula at the Union Headquarters. Among two dozens of lawyers and legal experts, they expressed their sympathy and denounced the chase against Lula as “legal nonsense”.


  1. The crowds are still growing around the ABC Metal Worker’s Union Headquarter, in São Bernardo do Campo, surrounding this iconic place that carries so much meaning for fight for freedom, democracy and social rights in Brazilian history.


  1. São Bernardo do Campo is where a political project that changed the history of Brazil was born. From the struggle lead by metalworkers in the seventies, Workers Party was born to raise Brazilian people, for the first time in five centuries, to be protagonist and builder of their destiny. This project’s righteousness is recognized worldwide. Above all approved by the Brazilian people as a whole, which gave the Workers’ Party four consecutive victories in the presidential elections.


  1. Lula’s conviction was based on lies, fraud, and distortions of legal norms. His arrest warrant also violates fundamental precepts and violates the right to full defense.


Popular Committee in defense of Lula and Democracy

Bulletin #1 – 06/04/2018 – 12 PM

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